Sep 17, 2010

Summer Passing...

Hi everyone. Long stretch there between posts. Having decided to take the summer off to take stock. We're gearing up for the start of the academic year and Fall quarter teaching. It's always a shock to return to campus after the summer holidays and cast a quizzical gaze on the flood of seemingly endless numbers of high-school kids milling around. They seem to get younger and younger, each year's incoming class, until you realize that actually, you are the one getting older. It seems the distance between the generations become a gulf once you cross a certain age barrier. Suddenly, I am looking at first year students who were barely 8 years old when I started teaching here at the University of California Santa Barbara. This is the truth of the world, that time passes one by one.

An elegy then... for the passing time, for the rains yet to come. Sufjan Stevens singing of Chicago and the passing of the age.